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brodiaeaFeatured Story | Pacific Southwest Region


Abundant winter rain this year ushered in a series of super-blooms in southern California, including the thread-leaved brodiaea in the foothills of the San Gabriel …

Wildflowers of the San Gabriel MountainsWildflowers of the San Gabriel Mountains

Readers of this user-friendly guide can swiftly and successfully identify the blooms with vibrant color photographs capturing both the plant in its full glory and the intricacies of each blossom.

The guide is available as an e-book from Amazon.
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Wildflowers of the San Gabriel Mountains

The second edition of SGMRC's Wildflowers of the San Gabriel Mountains in hard copy will be available in March.  (click on the book to the right to see the full cover)

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Land Saving, Watershed Protection, Restoration Projects, Natural Resource Management, and Special Collaborative Project Successes with Endangered Species Rescue and Integrative Fire Management.

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Sanctuary by Robert Bontrager

In the film, celebrate the Brodiaea in native habitat purchased, protected and stewarded by the Glendora Conservancy.  A look at the land, plants, habitat found at the Glendora Reserve.

Sanctuary:  A Film Tribute to the Endangered Brodiaea filifolia - a small plant which hailed the importance of biodiversity and rarity in starting the vital water/watershed protection movement across the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County in the early 1990s.  As it turns out, the Brodiaea has become a "poster" plant which brought attention to the fragile nature of society and cities building on sensitive habitat and watershed without thinking and planning for the future of natural resources and their foundation for healthy communities.

Photos by
Benjamin Yoder
Conservancy Project

Craig Murray